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By | April 22, 2013

Let me tell you about a couple highlights from my weekend at the Loopy Ewe Spring Fling. (Besides the camaraderie and the dessert reception, of course.) The first was when a former Slick Set-in Sleeves student showed me a sweater she’d knit using that technique. It was stunning! The fit, the yarn selection, the stitch […]

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This never happens

By | April 17, 2013

Tomorrow I fly to Colorado for the Loopy Ewe Spring Fling. Except for a few last-minute items, I’m all packed. And guess what? Everything fit into just two bags – my laptop bag, and a small suitcase. This never happens. Normally, I travel with the laptop bag, the small suitcase, and a giant, big-enough-to-hide-a-dead-body suitcase. […]

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An experiment

By | April 3, 2013

Remember the center-out square of Fountain Lace that I knit a couple weeks back? I decided to turn it into a stole, extending two sides of the square to create “wings.” But how to make the most of a limited amount of yarn? My knee-jerk reaction was to weigh the yarn remaining after the square […]

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