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That time again

By | December 27, 2010

In the past few weeks I haven’t been doing any teaching. (With good reason! Who wants to take a knitting class during the holiday season?) But that doesn’t mean I’ve been twiddling my thumbs. December is prime time for teachers like myself and event organizers to get together and plan the coming year. The result? […]

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Not for me

By | December 15, 2010

The other day I saw a demonstration of bobbin lace. Sheesh, did that lacemaker make those bobbins fly! I have no clue how she could move so fast, yet remember where she was in the pattern. But even though I’m curious as to how bobbin lace works, even though I’m a skill junkie that likes […]

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Who woulda thunk?

By | December 1, 2010

I had the best time today writing up the pattern for a scarf I plan to knit. This is odd. Most designers (myself included) would say that pattern-writing isn’t their favorite task. Rather, it rates far below sketching or swatching, and somewhere near envelope-stuffing. Apparently, though, it’s been long enough since I last wrote or […]

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