Craftsy classes

Craftsy is the premier website for online craft education, and I’m pleased to say that I’m one of their teachers.

  • Socks My Way: Stitch Pattern Savvy answers the question: “How can I gussy up a plain sock pattern?” It tells you where to find suitable stitch patterns, how to tweak them to create your own custom stitch patterns, how to transition smoothly from one stitch pattern to another, and how to ensure your socks will fit.


Knitting Charts: Follow the symbols for successful knitting teaches chart literacy, all the way from the basics through tricky topics like “no stitch” symbols. As a bonus, it goes a step beyond Charts Made Simple to introduce stitch maps.

On-demand webinars

Interweave regularly hosts seminars conducted over the web called “webinars.” These events are recorded, so if you can’t attend one live, you can always watch its recording. I’ve been fortunate enough to participate in two webinars:

  • Charting Garment Pieces: Learn to draw charts to clarify instructions like “at the same time,” “reverse all shaping,” and “continue in pattern.” Recorded 11 November 2013.
  • Designing Simple Lace Scarves with Stitch Maps: Everything you need to know to design a lace scarf, from yarn and needle choices through swatching (yes, swatching!), making yardage estimates, and adding special touches. Recorded 20 May 2014.

YouTube videos has its own YouTube channel, where you can watch these tutorials:

  • Introduction: This video tutorial explains what a stitch map is, why you might want to view a stitch pattern as a stitch map, and how to knit from a stitch map. You’ll also see how to find your way around Published 21 March 2014; with captions in English, German, and Russian.