By | October 29, 2013

You know those Sidewinder socks I posted about yesterday? The pattern has been available for almost two years, but now it features a little facelift:


grid-based and grid-free, side by side

That’s right, traditional grid-based charts and grid-free stitch maps, side by side. (And written instructions, for those of you that haven’t yet jumped on the chart bandwagon.) You can follow whichever set of instructions turns your crank, or – and here’s the fun part – you can click on hotlinks within the pattern PDF to view the stitch maps interactively at Stitch-Maps.com.

I figured it was high time I started using stitch maps in my own patterns. And with its sinuous nature, Sidewinder was the perfect place to start. More updated patterns will follow, as I find the time. I’ll post about them here, and on the Stitch Maps group on Ravelry.

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